Top 10 Affiliated Networks in America


Top 10 Affiliated Networks in America

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The basics of Affiliate marketing is that it is a type of performance based marketing where a business will reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer that they are able to bring by the affiliates own marketing efforts.

There are four main players which are the merchant, which is the retailer or brand, the network, who contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also will take care of payments, the publisher also called the affiliate and the customer.

Top 10 Affiliated Networks in America

  1. Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare provides e-commerce businesses that offer a wide range of online marketing services including Search Marketing (SEM), Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing.

Advertisers are able to increase their online sales by using the massive performance marketing network along with expert consultative services and patented technology.

It is this service that allows advertisers and publishers to get and keep new customers, increase revenue and drive results.

  1. CJ by Conversant

CJ by Conversant is aimed at monetizing website traffic, driving more sales and finding more customers. This affiliated network is popular with publishers.

  1. ClickBank

ClickBank has gone through some changes in accordance to the rules on promotions and disclosures. This affiliated network is popular with entry level merchants.

  1. ShareASale

Thousands of merchants use ShareASale, which all offer different types of products. Also each merchant will give you a commission on the sale when you bring the customer to them. However they don’t have the same scale as the three networks above.

  1. Affiliated Window

The Affiliated Window has already been proven popular in Europe and is becoming increasingly popular in America. If you are a publisher or advertiser looking to go global then this is an affiliated network to look at.

  1. AvantLink

AvantLink is professionally operated and have a great business model which makes it popular with advertisers.

  1. Amazon

The Amazon affiliated network is simple to use with a broad product offering. This is an industry entry point for many publishers.

  1. LinkConnector

LinkConnector has a wonderful range of trusted brands with a focus on proprietary technology.

  1. TradeDoubler

This network was founded in 1999 and is strong in Europe, but is reaching across to America. TradeDoubler has a global reach and a great publisher network.

  1. eBay Partner Network

With eBay Partner Network there is the potential to earn a lot of money by driving quality traffic to eBay or one of the partners. eBay bought PepperJam and this combination is hard to beat as you have eBay’s scale and PepperJam’s relationships.


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